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What is needed to be a personal trainer

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Title: Training Requirements to Become a Fitness Trainer in the US Meta Description: Discover the comprehensive training needed to become a fitness trainer in the United States. This expert review provides valuable insights on the required education, certifications, and practical experience to pursue a successful career in the fitness industry. Introduction: Becoming a fitness trainer in the United States requires a combination of knowledge, skills, and practical experience. This review aims to provide aspiring fitness trainers with a comprehensive understanding of the training requirements necessary to excel in this rewarding field. From formal education to specialized certifications, let us explore the path to becoming a fitness trainer in the US. 1. Formal Education: To embark on a career as a fitness trainer, obtaining a high school diploma or equivalent is the first step. While it is not mandatory to hold a college degree, pursuing a degree in exercise science, kinesiology, or a related field can enhance one's knowledge base and credibility within the industry. Such programs provide a foundation in anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and exercise prescription, enabling trainers to design effective and safe fitness programs for their clients. 2. Certification: Obtaining a nationally recognized certification is crucial for aspiring fitness trainers. Various organizations offer certifications, such as the American Council on Exercise (ACE), National Academy of

What do I need to learn to be a personal trainer?

You'll need:
  • Customer service skills.
  • The ability to teach people how to do something.
  • The ability to work on your own.
  • Physical skills like movement, coordination, dexterity and grace.
  • Knowledge of psychology like theories of motivation.
  • Knowledge of teaching and the ability to design fitness programmes.

What qualifications do I need to be a PT?

You don't have to do a degree to become a PT, but you need a Level 2 certificate in Gym Instructing and a Level 3 diploma in Personal Training (these can often be combined into one course). You can also do a Level 4 course, but it isn't compulsory. Only choose a course that it is CIMPSA approved.

What are personal trainers trained in?

As a Personal Trainer, you will need to be qualified at Level 3 in Personal Training which includes:
  • Anatomy and Physiology.
  • Exercise Prescription and Instruction.
  • Nutrition for Weight Management.
  • Behaviour Change.

What degree should a personal trainer have?

Most personal trainers have a high school diploma, and many employers are now requiring that trainers also have a bachelor's degree in a related field such as kinesiology or exercise science.

How much does a Level 3 PT course cost?

To gain a full Level 3 qualification as a personal trainer, you can expect to spend up to around £2,500 as an average course price.

How long does it take to learn to be a personal trainer?

Becoming a personal trainer can involve education, certifications and other training. Getting a bachelor's degree typically takes around four years. Personal trainer certification courses, however, can often be completed in less than a year. You can choose the path that works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need math to be a personal trainer?

Usually, this includes taking measurements, calculating body fat index, BMI, and the waist-to-hip ratio (WHR). Combined with a client's level of physical fitness, a trainer can then tailor a personalized workout regimen. Trainers also need to use math calculations when reassessing their clients.

What qualifications do you need to be a fitness instructor?

You can do a recognised qualification like:
  • Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing.
  • Level 2 Diploma in Instructing Exercise and Fitness.
  • Level 3 Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training.

What are the physical requirements for a fitness trainer?

Be physically active for long periods without getting tired or out of breath. Coordinate movement of several parts of the body, such as arms and legs, while the body is moving. Hear sounds and recognize the difference between them. Focus on one source of sound and ignore others.

How long does it take to qualify as a gym instructor?

If you study on one of our full-time personal training courses, it will take two weeks to qualify in the classroom. If you study from home for the Level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing then, we find that, on average, qualification tends to take around six weeks.


Do you have to be certified to be a personal trainer in Tennessee?
Although personal trainer certification is not absolutely required by Tennessee state law, most health clubs and recreation centers require that their employees be certified.
How long does it take to become a personal trainer?
A majority of the comprehensive and credible personal trainer certifications take at least 3 months of coursework, study, and final exams. In general, to become a certified personal trainer you will need to commit to at least 3 – 6 months of study including practical training sessions.
How do you become a fitness trainer?
4 Simple steps to becoming a Fitness Instructor
  1. Step 1 Research fitness instructor roles.
  2. Step 2 Find the right Level 2 Fitness Instructor course for you.
  3. Step 3 Learn & Get Qualified from a Level 2 Fitness Instructor course.
  4. Step 4 Start working as a Fitness Instructor.

What is needed to be a personal trainer

What it takes to be a gym trainer? Most fitness professionals start off with a general certification. Gyms typically require certification for group fitness instructors, and personal trainers need to be certified before working with clients one on one in most cases. Several organizations offer general fitness instructor certifications.
How much do gym trainers make? As a newly qualified personal trainer, your pay can be between £15K- £24K. To earn £24,000 per year you will need to work 25 hours a week at £20 per hour. To have 25 hours booked in a week, you need 12 -13 regular personal training clients who use your services twice a week.
Can anyone be a personal trainer? A better question would be: “Are there any restrictions that may prevent someone from becoming a personal trainer?” No, anyone hoping to pursue work in the industry can do so. However, commitment is required to achieve success. “Anyone” does not include those unwilling to put in the time and effort to do well.
  • What qualifications do you need to be a PT?
    • You don't have to do a degree to become a PT, but you need a Level 2 certificate in Gym Instructing and a Level 3 diploma in Personal Training (these can often be combined into one course). You can also do a Level 4 course, but it isn't compulsory.
  • What degree is best for a personal trainer?
    • Individuals who choose a state school or traditional university to become a personal trainer typically earn a bachelor's degree in sports medicine, exercise science, physical education, kinesiology or a similarly related field.
  • What is needed to be a personal trainer
    • The only prerequisite to register for our industry-leading Certified Personal Trainer program is a high school degree or GED. You'll also need to get CPR & AED